Consulting Services

Your organization will benefit from Soundings Connect Consulting Services if:

  • Your team is at capacity and doesn’t have time to drive change

  • Your team doesn’t have experience within a certain area of expertise

  • You want to increase efficiency to save time and money

  • You’re interested in reducing costs by consolidating your spend

Whether you’re planning an incentive trip for your team, introducing new innovations and product education or updating your meetings and events processes, Soundings Connect has services that will deliver valuable business insights to your organization.

The Soundings Connect mission is to take an in-depth approach to meetings and events execution. With this core value in mind, Soundings Connect talent will provide comprehensive consultation services grounded in niche specialization that will help your organization create memorable experiences associated with your brand.

Your organization relies on meetings and events to drive revenue. Soundings Connect will take a deep dive into your brand and deliver tailor-made solutions that will enhance the ROI from your events and your team.


Meeting & Event Design and Strategy


Strategic Meetings Management


Product & Service RFP Management


Looking for a different type of consulting services? Let us know and I am sure we have someone to support you!


As the leader of a fast moving, complex and multi-national organization I rely on my teams to be quick on their feet, thoroughly professional, highly competent, passionate and smart.  Tracy Judge soundly delivers on this and has become a critical resource to us.  As a consultant she adapted very quickly to work within the teams within my organization.  She feels and acts like part of my team, representing us well at every level. 

She has an innate ability to make complex and nuanced connections that other's would not typically see.  This paired with her industry knowledge is a winning combo and has led to some impressive connections for us.  We also benefit from her future looking thinking and disciplined strategic insights.

Carl Winston

Founding Director
L. Robert Payne School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
San Diego State University